As of October 28, 2010, the latest firmware for the Olympus DM2 & DM4 digital voice recorders is version 1.01.
Olympus made several enhancements to the DM-2 & DM-4 Digital Voice Recorders, including: 

  • The [STOP] button becomes a shortcut button to exit any menu. Press and hold [STOP] to return to the Home screen.
  • A new optional beep sound to identify the base values of variables on the Time & Date menu. The sound distinguishes base values from all other possible values in order to assist blind and visually impaired users with setting the Time and Date. The base values are 12AM (hour), 00 (minute), 2010 (year), 01 (month), and 01 (day).  
  • An alarm sound is played when the battery charge is completed. 
  • The Voice Guide can read and say the titles of files in the Audio Book and Text Speech folders.
  • The recorder complies with PC Machine-dependent characters. This expands the number and variety of DAISY books that can be played on the recorder. 
  • Audible Chapter Compliance is added. Content purchased or downloaded from may include pre-set Chapters. The chapter in content is similar to the index mark in voice recordings made by Olympus digital recorders. Both are used to bookmark points in the recording for quick reference. When playing content that includes chapters, the user can move through the file by chapter.

The firmware can be found on our FTP site in the eDist Download > Olympus > Firmware folder.

Verification Source: Jennika Flothmeier, Olympus Product Manager