Question: What demographic options can be programmed in the Olympus DS-4000?

The DS-4000 can be configured so that various demographic data will become embedded in the dictation files, where DSS Player Pro can view it. The options are:

  • Priority Levels – The [CUSTOM] button allows the user to select Priority Levels of Normal or High. Normal is the default. The function of the [CUSTOM] button can be reassigned by Olympus Professional Dictation Products dealers.
  • Author ID – The recorder can be configured to incorporate an Author ID into the begining of the names of files it records. The ID is an easily recognizable tag, such as the user’s initials. Thus, the source of the recordings may be easily determined at a glance simply by reviewing the file’s name.
  • Work Type – The Work Type can be embedded in the file data. The DS-3300 allows for Types 1 through 10. When more than one Work Type ID exists on the recorder, the Work Type ID list will display on the recorder’s LCD screen.
  • Option Items – The recorder can be programmed with additional user-defined fields called Option Items. Each Option Item ID can use up to 20 alphanumeric characters.

Verification Source: Olympus Website