Olympus DS-5000 Digital Voice Recorder Performance Enhancements:

This is a list of the Top Performance Enhancements of the Olympus DS-5000 over its predecessor, the DS-4000.

New Mode: The DS-5000 has a new mode, DSS Pro. The new mode itself offers several enhancements. Mode: DSS


Recording Mode:
Sampling Rate: 12kHz / 8hKz 16kHz / 12kHz
Compression: 13.7kbps / 6.3kbps 28.0kbps / 13.7kbps
Index mark per file: Up to 16 Up to 32

No Yes

File extension:
.dss .ds2

Hybrid Storage:

The DS-5000 can use both SD & microSD cards. The SD card is used as an external card, and microSD card is used as built-in memory. It is possible to select whichever card you prefer to use.

Adopted New Cradle Connector:

The DS-5000 adopted a new cradle connector with a low pressure insert, with high reliability and high durability. It’s now easier to connect and disconnect with one hand.

Power Backup:

The capacity of the backup battery was drastically increased; clock data can be saved for more than 15 minutes in DS-5000 at the time of battery replacement, in comparison with more than 1 minute in DS-4000.

Low power consumption design:

With the DS-5000, Olympus adopted a new platform with redesigned processor and power supply circuit, which results in 50% longer battery life while recording.

With the integration of electronic parts, the circuit size was reduced. At the same time, the operating voltage of DSP, the main processor, was slashed from 1.6V to 1.2V.

Power supply to LED and backlight is optimized with non-step control. The current consumption at the battery ends for backlight alone was reduced to about 10mA in DS-5000, compared with about 40mA for DS-4000.

Charging Function:

It is now possible to charge the battery pack in the recorder by connecting the USB cable or AC adapter directly to the DS-5000, without using the cradle.

Device Lock Function:

Security performance is enhanced by the device lock function.

With the DS-5000id, it is possible to use your fingerprint scan to unlock the device.

Improvement on the PC Board:

The durability of soldering has been enhanced by using a legged New-Switch

In addition to several mechanical improvements have been made to the New button, it’s now held by the frame, dispersing the force to the switch to the frame.

Slide Switch:

The slide switch was extended for easier thumb positioning.

Advanced Programmable Buttons and Options:

There are now three programmable buttons as compared to two on the DS-4000.

The programmable buttons can switch assigned functionality per each mode. If no functionality is needed, all programmable buttons can be disabled.

Battery Cover:

The connectors and terminals are now placed on the bottom side, and the battery cover is placed sideways. This prevents it from interfering with the operation while USB or AC power suppoy are used,

The cover is at the place you hold onto, so the button lock is placed making it hard to open unintentionally.

Button Layout:

The front buttons, including the concentrated buttons, are tapered toward the lower buttons so the finger will not get caught when you hold the recorder.

LCD Enhancements:

The LCD is now coated with a hard coat material making it harder to get scratched.

The LCD is larger by .5 inches

There is now a higher dot resolution. The DS-5000 is 128 (W) x 108 (H) full dots as compared to that of the DS-4000 120 (W) x 52 (H) dots and icons.

USB Data Transfer Speed:

The download time for the DS-5000 is 2.4 times faster than the DS-4000.