Olympus Error message DSS Player quit unexpectedly

Olympus Error message DSS Player quit unexpectedly

Environment: Olympus DSS Player Version 7 for Mac OS X
Problem: Application crashed
Error Me
ssage: “DSS Player quit unexpectedly.”


There are two primary reasons why the Olympus DSS Player v7 would crash on a computer running Mac OS X v10.x. Follow the steps below to troubleshoot this error.

Case 1: Software Not Up to Date

The most common issue that causes the Olympus DSS application to crash is running an outdated version of the Olympus DSS Player.  When you update your operating system, a previously compatible version of an application can become incompatible. As of early March, 2014, Olympus DSS Player Version 7.5 is the latest release.

To check which version of the Olympus DSS Player you are running, open the application. Then, click [Help] > [About DSS Player] on the menu bar. If the pop-up dialog window displays anything prior to “Version 7.5,” please upgrade to the most recent version of the software.

**Here’s how to get the DSS Player update:

All Certified eSupport members can access software and firmware patches from our FTP site. Please contact us if you need assistance accessing the FTP server or require login credentials.

All non-members are encouraged to contact their dealers for access to the latest patches.

Once you update your Olympus DSS Player, be sure to restart your computer. If the application crashes again, continue troubleshooting by moving to “Case 2.”

Case 2: Corruption in the Download Directory

No, it’s not Zindler’s infamous “slime in the ice machine,” but it’s close.

If your Olympus DSS Player software is up to date, and you’re running an Olympus-compatible Mac OS, the issue is likely being caused by a corruption in the download directory. This means that one or more of your downloaded dictation files is negatively affecting your DSS Player and must be removed.

Step 1 – You’ll need to temporarily empty your download folders.

Open the Finder application, located in the dock, and then navigate to Documents > DSS Player > Message. You should see a “Dictation” folder, as well as folders A-G; these are where your downloaded dictation files are stored.

Create a new folder on your desktop, and then migrate all of the downloaded dictation files, located in the aforementioned “Message” directory subfolders, to that new folder.

Documents Directory on a Mac

Documents Directory on a Mac

Step 2 – Once all the files have been moved, restart the Olympus application.

If the issue is no longer present, then one of the files is corrupt. We recommend importing and transcribing each file individually, until you discover which one is causing the issue. You’ll know, because the software will crash once the dictation file is imported.

If this does not solve the problem, and the application continues to crash, you’ll need to delete your current Olympus profile. To do this, follow the next three steps.

Step 3 – Switch to the Finder. Press and hold the [Option] key, and then navigate to Go > Library from the Finder file menu.

Accessing the Library directory on a MAC OS X

Accessing the Library directory on a MAC OS X

Step 4 – Within the Library directory, open the Preferences folder and delete the file “com.olympus.DSSPlayerV7.plist”.

Deleting Olympus.DSSPlayer.plist file

Deleting Olympus.DSSPlayer.plist file

Step 5 – Restart your computer, and then re-open the Olympus DSS Player. From there, everything should be good to go.


If following these steps does not resolve your issue, please don’t hesitate to contact Certified eSupport. We offer a diverse menu of  tiered support services, which range from basic installation to on-site assistance.