Can I Use an Olympus DS-5500 Recorder on Windows 10?


Using the DS-5500 in Windows 10

The Olympus® Dictation Module software does not recognize my DS-5500 recorder.


  • Windows® 10
  • ODMS R6.4 Patch0009
  • Olympus DS-5500



The DS-5500 won’t work with this version of ODMS on Windows 10 without the latest firmware upgrade, v2.01. You’re going to need to update the firmware on the device:

  • Click here to download the firmware update.
  • Follow these instructions to unzip the file.
  • Open the folder named “DS5500_201FwUp.”
  • The document named “DS-5500 FW update instruction” contains complete instructions for performing this update.

Once the upgrade is complete, the Olympus Dictation Module should recognize your DS-5500 recorder.


Source and Verification Date

Olympus Senior Specialist, Technical – Audio, March 2016

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