Can I Use Background Notification for Emailed Dictations in ODMS?


Getting Dictation Notifications

In case you weren’t aware, ODMS R6.4 can be configured to show notifications if the Transcription Module is closed. This means that you can see if you have new dictations without opening the application.

To turn this setting on, go to Tools > Options > Workflow > Notification and check the box next to “Support background notification when Transcription Module is not running.”


The Problem

When the Olympus Transcription Module software is closed, the transcriptionist is not receiving notifications. Dictations are being sent to her by email, and the background notification feature is enabled.


  • Transcription Module (ODMS R6.4 Patch 0009)
  • Configuration for receiving emailed dictations via Transcription Module
  • Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10



The Transcription Module does not support background notification when using email. This is because ODMS does not receive emails until the software is opened. In this scenario, you will need to change the delivery protocol to use network folders instead of email.

Source and Verification Date

Olympus Senior Technical Specialist for Audio, May 2016

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