Question: I’m trying to use a monaural accessory microphone with the DS-2200, and it’s not working. Why?

If an accessory monaural microphone is plugged into the DS-2200 without setting the recorder to Monaural External Input, the accessory microphone will not work and the built-in recorder microphone will remain enabled.

To set a DS-2200 for use with a monaural accessory microphone, use the following procedure:

  1. Insert the accessory microphone plug into the recorder EAR/MIC jack.
  2. Open the recorder menu and use the REW or FF buttons to scroll to EXT. INPUT.
  3. Press PLAY.
  4. In the EXT. INPUT list, use the REW button to scroll down to MONAURAL INPUT.
  5. Press B>PLAY and then STOP to close the menu.

This setting must be entered every time a monaural microphone is connected or the recorder is powered up. Disconnecting the monaural microphone discards the setting. MONAURAL INPUT status cannot be saved as a default setting.
Verification Source: Olympus Website