As a matter of fact, Yes; the Olympus DM-4 digital voice recorder has built-in Voice Guidance and Text-to-Speech.

The Voice Guidance system ensures seamless, user-friendly operation by assisting users in navigating through the recorder’s menu and features by verbally confirmation which button you’ve pressed.

The Text-to-Speech system allows users to upload .TXT files to the recorder, which will be read back to you.

Transferring Text Files to the Recorder

1. Connect the Olympus DM4 to your computer via USB

2.  Select the content (must be .TXT format) you want to transfer and drag or copy it to the [Text] folder on the recorder

3.  Once the file has transferred, disconnect the recorder from the USB cable.

4.  On the recorder, go to Menu > Audiobooks > Text Speech.  There, you will find your audio file available for playback.

Verification Source: In-house testing

Test Date
: 2.1.12