Special instruction – Remarks recorded by the author (through the Philips SpeechExec Pro software only) usually at the start of a dictation with special information relating to the dictation.  Special instructions are stored in a separate file from the dictation sound file.  Every dictation sound file can have one special instruction.

Note: If a special instruction is recorded, you will see a special instruction icon in the worklist once the file has been downloaded into the SpeechExec Pro software.

Spoken instruction – Comments recorded by the author (on the Digital Pocket Memo) which are stored within the dictation sounds file at the position in the sound file where the instruction was actually recorded.

Note: When recording, one of the Smart Buttons will allow you to insert a spoken instruction into any part of your dictation.

Verification Source:  Philips Help Menu, Rick Maxwell & In-house testing

Verification Date
: 12.19.11