Synopsis: I’m trying to configure multiple workstations with the same settings instead of having to manually set them up one at a time.
Question: If we want to make a backup of an Olympus DSS Player Pro configuration, what do we need to backup? I’ve found entries in the registry but are there configuration files as well?
Answer: Copying the Olympus registry key is for Olympus DSS Player Pro Release 5 installation and setup environment.  To configure the DM/TM (Dictation & Transcription Module) user settings, you need to have the user profile configuration and application preference file (xml files) at the location below.
C:Documents and Settings%UserProfile%Application DataOlympusDSSPlayerProR5 (for individual installation).
For All Users installation, the profile and preference files location is C:Documents and SettingsAllUserApplication DataOlympusDSSPlayerProR5.
The user profile name must be the same as the Windows login name with xml extension for individual user installation.  For All User installation, the profile name must match the pcname with xml extension.
Verification Source: Digaulle, Olympus Product Manager