Question: How do I setup detailed logging if I am having an issue with DSS Player Pro R5?

Logging is kind of misleading in the Dictation and Transcription modules. In tools options, there is an option for logging but it does not give the kind of detail that you will get from the DSSLogtool.exe which is located in c:program filesOlympusDSS PlayerPro

  • If you are having problems with your DSS Player Pro software enable logging by opening windows explorer.
  • Go to c:program filesOlympusDSS PlayerPro and run the DSSProLogtool.
  • click on the icon to run the log tool and click the box to set the desired trace logging.
  • Click Set and minimize the log tool as it collects the trace logging needed to identify the problem.

Help in Olympus DSS Player Pro R5 Dictation Module