Question:  How do I create an MSI script for an Olympus R5 silent installation (multi or single license) when not using a license server or SCP?

Answer:  There are examples of using MSI scripts in the R5 installation guide (section 7.2) when connecting to a license manager and the system configuration program.  This an example of an msi script that can be run to install the DSS Player Pro R5 dictation or transcription module when installing without those components.  It is a simple process however their are a couple things to note: 

  • In this example I am running it from the directory that contains the .msi file. If you are not running from that directory.  Be sure to point to the path of the msi
  • Make sure that the directory that contains the msi has write permissions so that a log file is created.  If you run from the manufacturers disc, you will not be able to create a log file. 
  • You will need to create a data file with the extension .dat.  This can be created in notpad and saved with the extension. This file will contains the 20 digit license in this format:

Here is the format of the dat file:

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (x’s represent the license code)

Here is the script:

msiexec /i dssplayer.msi /qn SYSTEM=STANDALONE LICENSE=License_TM.dat MODULE=TM /l*v install1.log

Tested in house