Procedure obtaining a site license from Olympus

Original license IDs need to be sent to my attention at the address below.
Olympus Imaging America Inc.
Attn: Stanley Freeman (A1L050)
3500 Corporate Parkway
Center Valley, PA 18034
(848) 896-5080
Procedure to issue Multi-license ID’s for US and Canadian authorized dealers:

1- Courier original R4/R5 license ID cards to the address noted above (photocopies are not accepted).

2- Include a letter in the package with the customer’s name, address and type of business. If the licenses are for Add-on, you will need to inform us of that and include the current multi-license’s number with the previous issue date.

3- Send an email to myself and Digaulle with information regarding the package and the tracking number if available (Please also include the customer’s name in the subject field). It is very important that the information provided is correct and accurate as to avoid any delays in the process.

4- Upon receipt of the original licenses, we will issue multi-license IDs for DM and TM in exchange of the licenses received and send to you via email.

5- Any special requests should be included in the letter and/or email.

In case the customer need to add additional licenses purchased (5 min) to the existing multi-license ID in the future, the same process apply however you would have to mention in your email that this is for add-on and reference previous multi-license IDs issued to this customer name.  

Verification Source: Stanley Freeman, Olympus Product Manager