Question: I am rolling out a large amount of PCs that will have Dictation and Transcription Modules on them. I want to do this by creating a standard image created on a PC that shares the same specs as the other PC’s I intend to push this image out to. Can this be done using the latest DSS Player Pro Release 5.x Software.
Yes. In a situation such as this you will of course need a multi-license however once you have that, you can install in workgroup mode (connecting to a License Manager) or in workstation mode (stand-alone).
Comments from Olympus Dev give more insight to the question:
Sure it is possible to create a drive image with DM/TM R5.0.10 on it. If the Repository and LM settings are fixed and known, just install the DM/TM on the image in a workgroup mode using the Repository and LM settings.
Now, if the DM/TM are installed on the image with ALL User Settings option or individual for that matter, then the image when copied to a new PC will know where to go for the profile because the repository location has not changed. If the profile exist, it will use it. If not, it will create new one.