Question: After I upgraded my Olympus DSS Player Pro Release 5 software to 5.0.11, my have no sound on my Windows 7 PC, what’s up?
Several reports have been made from the field about a problem with audio playback in the Dictation & Transcription modules on computers running Windows 7.  The problem was introduces in DSS Player Pro Release 5.0.11 after Olympus made a modification in the software to unify the sound device used in the software for playback and notifications.
Part of the problem is that the Dictation & Transcription modules will select the first available audio device listed by the operating system, whether it’s active or not, instead of the default speaker.
Olympus has created a patch for R5.0.11 (R5011Patch002.exe).  The patch has been uploaded to our FTP site in the Olympus > Software folder.
Verification Source: Digaulle Elhaje, Olympus Product Manager and In-house testing