Question: What are the main features of the Olympus DS-2200 Digital Voice Recorder?

The DS-2200 is a digital voice recorder that records in Windows Media Audio (WMA) and Digital Speech Standard (DSS) audio formats. It uses xD-Picture Card(tm) flash memory media as removable storage, so the user never has to leave the recorder with a transcriptionist. Just leave the memory card. Using larger-capacity xD-Picture Card media makes it possible to dramatically increase the potential recording time. Since the DS-2200 is also a mass storage device, it can also be used as a USBjump” drive to transfer files from one computer to another.

The bundled DSS Player Pro for Windows® and DSS Player for Macintosh(tm) software enables the downloading of dictation files to a computer, where they can be archived and where further file editing can be performed. The optional DSS Player Pro PLUS upgrade (for Windows only) enables file joining and splitting, plus an interface for voice-to-text applications such as Dragon NaturallySpeaking® and IBM ViaVoice®. File joining and splitting functions are native to DSS Player for Macintosh; no upgrade is required. However, no voice-to-text support is available in DSS Player for Macintosh.

The DS-2200 is an Olympus Professional Dictation Device, and as such technical support for the recorder is provided solely by authorized Olympus Professional Dictation Products dealers
Verification Source:  Olympus Website