Question:  Other Olympus digital voice recorders have a wider frequency response than the DS-2200. Why is this model’s frequency response narrower?

The DS-2200 is designed as an Olympus Professional Dictation Device, whose primary function is to record dictation files for transcription. Dictation recordings do not require a wide frequency response because the audio signals they are intended to reconstruct (tones produced by a human voice) fall within a relatively narrow band of frequencies.

Accordingly, the DS-2200 makes files that contain only as much audio detail as is necessary to re-create the original signal. By restricting the frequency response, the DS-2200 is able to create smaller files, which has the benefit of maximizing memory capacity (recording time).

The DS-2200 is not recommended for recording music or interviews intended for broadcast where a broad frequency response would be desirable.
Verification Source: Olympus Website