Yes but we have come across a few issues with the Olympus DirectRec II (loaded with firmware V1.03)  Olympus is aware of the issues and have stated that they will be addressed in their next software patch sometime in October of 2012.  Until the issue has been addressed, we would recommend only using the Olympus digital voice recorders when performing front and back end speech recognition within the Olympus ODMS R6 software.  It’s worth noting that our tests were performed using ODMS R6.0.0.0 (Patch 0007). 

In our testing, we found the Olympus DS-7000 digital voice recorder worked great as a front-end microphone and produced good accuracy results within Dragon NaturallySpeaking V12.  The same goes for back-end speech recognition, the DS-7000 performed well without any issues.

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Verification Source:  In-house testing on a PC running Windows Vista 64bit, the Olympus ODMS R6.0.0.0 (Patch0007), the Olympus DirectRec DR-2300 with firmware 1.03, Olympus DS-7000 with firmware 0.90 and Dragon NaturallySpeaking V12 Professional

Test Date
: 8.24.12