Question: How much recording time is available in the DS-2200?

The length of the potential recording time available in the DS-2200 is governed by the recording quality mode and the capacity of the xD-Picture Card(tm) media used.

The different quality modes save the digital record of the recording with different levels of faithfulness to the original sound. The Stereo HQ (High Quality) mode makes a very detailed record of the sound and uses a wide frequency range that exhausts the available Flash memory very rapidly. Lower-quality modes, such as SP (Standard Play) and LP (Long Play), make a less-detailed digital record of the sound and use a narrower frequency range that uses up the available Flash memory much more slowly. These latter modes would be used for audio note-taking or recording college lectures or seminars in which large content is more important than audio quality.

The table below shows the approximate maximum recording times possible in the DS-2200 using different size cards.

Memory Cards and Approximate Recording Times (hh:mm)1

Memory Size SHQ Mode2 HQ Mode SP Mode LP Mode
16 MB 0:30 1:05 2:35 5:30
32 MB 1:05 2:10 5:10 11:05
64 MB 2:10 4:20 10:25 22:20
128 MB 4:20 8:45 20:55 44:45
256 MB 8:50 17:45 42:00 89:40
512 MB 17:45 35:303 84:05 179:303

1 Available recording time for one continuous file.  Available recording time may be less if many short recordings are made.
2 Recording in SHQ mode is enabled only when a stereo microphone is used to record the audio signal. When using a stereo microphone, only SHQ mode is available.
3 Total recording time of two files. The maximum recording time per file is 26 hours, 40 minutes in HQ mode and 99 hours, 59 minutes in LP mode.
Verification Source: Olympus Website