Question: How do I charge the batteries in a Olympus DM-420 and/or DM-520 Digital Voice Recorder?
Both the Olympus DM420 & DM520 are packaged with Ni-MH rechargable batteries. There are two ways to charge the batteries:
AC Adapter: THe Olympus AC Adapter (A-514) can be used to charge the batteries. Please keep in mind, the A-514 is not packaged in the box. It is considered an accessory and can be purchased seperately.
PC Charging: You can charge the batteries by connecting to a PC’s USB port. To do this:
1. Connect the USB cable to an open USB port.
2. Turn the recorder ON
3. Press & hold the STOP button on the recorder
4. When the recorder displays [Batt. Charge mode], connect the recorder to the USB cable to begin charging.
Verification Source: Page 15 of the DM520 User Manual and In-house testing