Question: Can I record from another audio device?

Yes, using a connecting cord you can record sound played back from another device.

  1. Make sure that the recorder has stopped.
  2. Connect the recorder to the earphone jack on the other device with a connecting cord. For recording monaural sound, use the optional connecting cord, KA232 and, for stereo sound, use a commercially available connecting cord with attenuation resistance.
  3. Press and hold the DISPLAY/MENU button for one second or longer.
  4. Press the FF or REW button untilEXT.INPUT” flashes on the display.
  5. Press the PLAY button. The EXT.INPUT setup process begins.
  6. Press the FF or REW button to choose betweenSTEREO INPUT” andMONAURAL INPUT”. ChooseSTEREO INPUT” for the stereo recording. ChooseMONAURAL INPUT” for the monaural input.
  7. Press the PLAY button to complete the setup screen.
  8. Press the STOP button to close the menu.
  9. Press the REC button to start recording.

Note:When set to STEREO INPUT, the recorder starts recording in SHQ mode. When set to MONAURAL INPUT, it starts recording in the specified recording mode.
Verification Source: Olympus Website