The most likely cause is software related.  The application that you’re using the foot pedal with may only work with proprietary foot pedals, which is the case for Olympus DSS Player and Express Scribe. 

The best way to tell is to test the actual foot pedal to see if it’s working properly.  One of our partners, PCDictate, has created foot pedal testing software to test whether the foot pedal is in working order. 

Click HERE to download the software.

FREE VEC Infinity IN-USB-1, IN-USB-2, Classy and Philips USB Foot Pedal Testing Software

This software checks the operation of VEC Infinity IN-USB-1, IN-USB-2, Classy and Philips (LFH2310, LFH2320, LFH2330, LFH6212) USB foot pedals via a simple plug and play interface. It is great for diagnosing problems when installing transcription software and dictation software. It is also helpful when testing or installing a USB transcription foot pedal. The USB foot pedal testing software is provided FREE of charge by

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Test Date: 6.11.12