The instructions below will show you how to pair your Revolabs xTag to the Charger base.

Pairing the Microphone to the Charger Base 

“Pairing creates an encrypted association between the Wireless Microphone and the Charger Base with a unique electronic serial number. Once the Microphone and Charger Base have been paired, the Microphone will automatically try to connect to the Charger Base whenever it is lifted from the Charger Base. 

Remember, the Microphone is always muted (flashing RED LED) when it is first removed from the Charger Base and the MUTE button needs to be pressed to activate the Microphone, as indicated by a flashing GREEN LED. 

The Microphone in new systems come aired to the Charger Base. However, if a replacement Microphone is ever required, it will need to be manuallypaired. If a Microphone is lifted from the Charger Base and the Microphone LED slowly flashes alternating RED and GREEN for 10 seconds, it means that the Microphone needs to be paired to the system. 

To pair the Microphone to the Charger Base:

1. Make sure the Microphone is turned OFF (no LED activity). If the unit is ON, press and hold the MUTE button for 10 seconds until the LED turns solid RED then release.  Alternately, place the Microphone in the Charger Base for less than 2 seconds.

2. Enable the pairing mode by holding the Microphone’s Mute button down for eight seconds.  The LED will turn solid GREEN and then solid RED. Release the Mute button. The Microphone unit is now in pairing mode.

3. Push and hold the Charger Base’s Mute button for eight seconds to enter into pairing mode then release. The LED will be solid RED until pairing is complete, as indicated by double flashing RED on both the Microphone and the Charger Base (paired and muted audio).  If pairing fails at the end of one minute on either unit, the LED will flash alternately GREEN and RED for a few seconds and turn OFF. If this happens, repeat these steps.

Verification Source: Page 15 of the Revolabs xTag Installation & Operation Guide

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