Group Settings Not Transferring to Client App in Philips SpeechExec Enterprise Manager v4.5

Pushing Group Settings to Client Apps

If you are configuring settings for your dictation and transcription client applications using Philips® SpeechExec Enterprise Manager v4.5, but the settings aren’t being pushed out, there are a few common reasons why.

1. During the installation, the SpeechExec Enterprise Dictate and Transcribe clients were not pointed to the proper configuration repository.

Note: If you are able to successfully open the SpeechExec Enterprise Dictate or Transcribe applications, then it’s unlikely that the issue is related to the repository. The fact that the application opens means that it’s grabbing a license—and communicating with the configuration directory.

2. If you are able to open the application, then the issue is likely a result of you not locking the settings within the Philips Enterprise Manager in the “Group Settings” window. Group settings always have priority over individual settings, however, you need to lock the settings at the group level in order to push them to your client applications.

Note: Once you lock the settings to push them to your end users, you can launch the client application(s) and then go back and unlock the settings in Enterprise Manager.

Taking it a bit further, for newly created SpeechExec Enterprise profiles, group settings—whether locked or unlocked—will be propagated to users. However, once profiles have been created, only changes to locked group settings will be pushed out.