Yes.  Window Server 2008 SP1 or SP2 is supported.  Dragon will work with Remote Desktop (RDP) or Terminal Services.

Here some more information on the subject:

  • Windows Terminal Server (Windows Remote Desktop)

    Dictating in a Windows Remote Desktop Session:

    Dragon NaturallySpeaking treats all Windows Remote Desktop sessions as non-standard windows. For the limitations of nonstandard windows, see the Dragon NaturallySpeaking Help topicDictating in nonstandard windows.”

    The Dictation Box can be used with a Remote Desktop session, provided the correct method of pasting is set. See the Dragon NaturallySpeaking Help topicUsing the dictation box.” The first time the Dictation Box is opened in a Remote Desktop session, click the Settings button. When the Dictation Box Settings window appears, make sure the bottom section is labeled Settings for ApplicationRemote Desktop Connection.” Change the Paste setting to Simulate Keystrokes, then click OK.

    Using Custom Commands in a Windows Remote Desktop session:

    The following types of custom commands do not work in a Windows Remote Desktop session in Dragon NaturallySpeaking 9:

    • Text & Graphics commands
    • Advanced Scripting commands using the SendKeys instruction/function

    The following types of commands do work:

    • Macro Recorder commands
    • Step-by-Step commands with any of the three methods of sending keystrokes (Keystrokes, Send Keys, or Type Text)
    • Advanced Scripting commands using the SendDragonKeys or SendSystemKeys function. Note: SendSystemKeys is too slow to use for large amounts of text.

    Using Full Screen Mode in a Windows Remote Desktop Session:

    If your Windows Remote Desktop session is in full-screen mode, you cannot see the DragonBar or the Windows taskbar on the local PC so it is difficult to control the microphone. You can use thego to sleep” andwake up” commands to control the microphone, but you cannot tell whether it is on or asleep. Nuance recommends against using full-screen mode. Press Ctrl+Alt+Break to restore the session to window mode.

  • Source: Nuance Support Knowledge Base