On some occasions, a user receives an error message when trying to open up a Dragon roaming user profile.

Cannot create subdirectory in the roaming user network directory:

It means that you do not have write privileges in the roaming user network directory. Either you need to copy your roaming user files to a directory for which you do have write permission, or you need to enable sharing and write permissions on the current roaming user directory so that you can create and copy users in it from another computer on your network. The directions for turning sharing on for a directory are different for different versions of Windows. In general, you right-click on the folder icon and open the properties dialog box for that folder. If there is a Sharing tab on the dialog box, click it and select theShare this folder” option (the wording of the option label may vary). Finally, either click the Permissions button or the Security tab and select the permissions you need to read, write, and create files in that directory or any of its sub-directories. If you have questions or cannot enable sharing, ask your system administrator for help.

Source:  Nuance ISupport

Updated 9/14/11