Question: Why can’t I dictate into the body of MS Outlook 2007 email?
Answer: In some cases the Microsoft VBA for Outlook is disabled and this has been known to cause the problem. Enable it by opening MS Outlook.
1. In the file menu, go to Tools > Trust Center
2. Select the Add-ins from the left-hand pane
3. Check to see that the following add-ins are enabled.
Natspeak Outlook Addin C:Program FilesNuanceNaturallySpeaking10Programdgnoutlook.dll
Microsoft VBA for Outlook Addin C:Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOffice 12ADDINSoutlvba.dll
Note: If one of these addins is not there, go down to the Manage Drop Down List and select Com Add-ins. Click Go
If the add-in is in the list then make sure it is checked and click ‘OK’ to add it. If it is not in the list, browse to the location (paths above) and add it. Then make sure the box in front of it is checked and click ‘OK’