Follow the steps below to resolve this issue:

  • Verify your version of Adobe Reader.   Help> About Adobe Reader X.  Is it Adobe Reader X (10.0.0)?
  • If 10.0.0., then try updating Adobe Reader to version 10.0.1, or the latest.  Help> Check for Updates.  As always, restart your PC after applying updates.
  • If you already have Adobe Reader 10.0.1, or the above did not remedy the Dragon error message, you can try disabling Adobe Reader X’s Protected Mode (Edit > Preferences > General and deselecting Enable Protected Mode at startup).
  • If the above fails to eliminate the Dragon error, completely remove Adobe Reader X (via the control panel), restart your PC, and install Adobe Reader 9.
  • If the above does not provide a resolution to the Dragon error, remove Adobe Reader 9 via the control panel, and try another PDF reader such as Nuance’s free PDF reader.

Note: This may not be the only reason this error occurs.

Verification Source: Tested in house