Question: What is Voice Recognition?
Recognition is technology that enables an application tolisten” to the playback of an audio dictation file and convert its contents to a text document. DSS Player Pro for Windows® is compatible with IBM ViaVoice® Pro USB Edition 10, and Dragon NaturallySpeaking® versions 8 and 9.

Voice Recognition software must be trained to understand individual speakers. The applications can create accounts for individual speakers who have read prepared text under controlled conditions into the digital voice recorder to be used. Corrections to the text by the transcriptionist can be incorporated by the voice-to-text software tolearn” how the dictator speaks. If the users correct their own text files, they can also learn to enunciate words so the software can better understand the speech and increase the accuracy of the text-file conversion.

Hands-free recording using the bundled CR-2 cradle reduces handling noises that may confuse voice-recognition software. The [MIC SENS] switch should be set to CONF (Conference).

Voice Recognition performs poorly in meeting or lecture situations because of the presence of untrained voices and varying acoustics that will confuse the software
Verification Source: Olympus Website