Using the PowerMic II and PowerMic III in Non-Medical Dragon


Dragon Professional and the PowerMic

I want to use the PowerMic II or the PowerMic III in Dragon Professional/Legal v14 and v15—and have button customizations available.


  • Dragon Professional / Legal Group v14
  • Dragon Professional / Legal Individual v15
  • Dragon Professional / Legal Group v15
  • Dragon Law Enforcement
  • Windows 7 and up



For non-medical editions of Dragon, the PowerMic II is officially only supported on Dragon Professional/Legal Group v14. The PowerMic III is supported on all editions of Dragon Group v14,  Dragon Individual v15, Dragon Group v15, and Dragon Law Enforcement.

Microphone Individual v14 Group v14 Individual v15 Group v15 Law Enforcement
PowerMic II


PowerMic III







Even though it’s not supported, the PowerMic II will work in Dragon Individual v15. Additionally, the PowerMic III may show up as a “PowerMic II” in Dragon Group v14.

1) Connect a PowerMic II or PowerMic III to your computer.

2) Open Dragon Group v14 or Dragon Individual v15.

3) Add a microphone to your profile.

4) Whether you’re running Dragon 14 Group or Dragon 15 Individual, you should see a PowerMic microphone. Note that Dragon Group 14 may display the PowerMic III as “PowerMic II” when adding it as a dictation source.

Dragon Professional Group v14 - Choose an audio device menu

5) The PowerMic tab, under Tools > Options > PowerMic, will correctly display either the PowerMic II or PowerMic III picture with its programmable buttons.

Dragon Professional Group v14 - PowerMic II options menuDragon Professional Group v14 - PowerMic III options menu

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