How to Remove a Source in Dragon Professional Individual v15

Removing a Dragon Microphone

Starting with Dragon version 13, Nuance changed the way that you remove audio sources (microphones, etc.) from your profile. You can’t go through the Open User Profile window to do this anymore.


This change applies only to the Dragon for Windows software below:

  • Dragon NaturallySpeaking v13 – all editions
  • Dragon Individual v14 – all editions
  • Dragon Group v14 – all editions
  • Dragon Individual v15 – all editions



There is a new procedure for removing audio sources. Please follow the steps below.

Note: You must have the source you want to remove plugged in.



1) Open your user profile and click on Profile.

Dragon Individual v15 DragonBar Profile button

2) Select Manage Dictation Sources.

Dragon Individual v15 - Manage Dictation Sources menu


3) Choose the microphone/audio source you want to delete and click the [Select] button.

Dragon Individual v15 - Manage Dictation Sources window


4) Once the microphone has loaded, click the [Audio] button.

Dragon Individual v15 DragonBar - Audio button

5) Click “Reset Audio Calibration.”

Dragon Individual v15 - Reset Audio Calibration menu


6) You’ll see a warning screen. Click the [Yes] button.

Dragon Individual v15 - Reset audio data warning


7) Dragon will prompt you to check your microphone (as if it were a new source). Click [Cancel].

Dragon Individual v15 - Check Microphone window


8) Open the Manage Dictation Sources window (step 2). The microphone that you reset should be gone.

Dragon Individual v15 - Manage Dictation Sources window

Source and Verification Date

Nuance documentation, 02/2015

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