Instead of going to add/remove programs you can run repairs for Dragon NaturallySpeaking by using the command prompt.  

This will take something that usually takes 7 or 8 minutes down to less than 2 minutes.

Navigate to the directory that contains natspeak.exe

In a typical installation, natspeak.exe is located in the following directory:

Path for 32bit

C:Program FilesNuanceNaturallySpeaking11Program>

Path for 64bit

C:Program Files (x86)NuanceNaturallySpeaking11Program


This example is for 32bit.  For 64bit, see use the path designated for 64bit.  Note:  When navigating directories with spaces such as the path for 64bit, you will need to put those directories in double quotes.


Open a command prompt by going to start > start search.  Type in cmd.  This will take you to the command line window.  Navigate by going to the root (if you are not there already).

type ‘cd /’ or ‘cd ‘ (either should work)

then type ‘cd C:Program FilesNuanceNaturallySpeaking11Program’

Then type following command ‘natspeak.exe /fixguids

You will not see anything other than the little Windows circle showing the PC clocking.  Lasts usually less than a minute.  Tops 2 minutes.

After that your repair is done and you can go back to using Dragon.

Source:  Nuance Support

Tested and verified in EDist Lab