Dragon 13 Professional Crashes in Microsoft Word and Outlook

Dragon Crashes in Word and Outlook

When I use Dragon 13 Professional in Microsoft Word or Outlook, the program crashes.


  • Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10
  • Dragon 13 Professional/Legal
  • Word and Outlook Dragon add-ons enabled



If you’re using Dragon dictation in Microsoft Word or Microsoft Outlook, and the application crashes over and over again, it could be caused by a background API call. Specifically, Windows may be blocking Dragon’s ability to empty the “results” folder in the “App Data” directory.



1) Exit Dragon.

2) Open File Explorer and go to:


3) Delete all the files within “results” folder—but don’t delete the folder itself.

4) Open Dragon, and then try to dictate into Microsoft Word and/or Outlook.


Source and Verification Date

Nuance Engineering, 07/2016

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