Nuance PowerMic II Support for Dragon

Using the PowerMic II With Dragon

The Nuance® PowerMic® II is a proprietary USB microphone (pictured above) manufactured by the same company that makes Dragon® Naturally Speaking software. This microphone is officially supported for use with:

  • Dragon Medical 10.1
  • Dragon Medical Practice Edition
  • Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2
  • Dragon Medical Network Edition
  • Dragon Medical One
  • Dragon Professional Group 14
  • Dragon Legal Group 14


Not Supported

Unfortunately, the PowerMic II is not supported for use with Dragon Pro/Legal Individual 14 or Dragon for Mac® products. After running several tests, we did find that a Mac will recognize the PowerMic and accept audio input. However, none of the buttons can be used or programmed. We recommend using the Philips SpeechMike Premium instead.


Verification Source

Nuance documentation and in-house testing

Need Help With Your PowerMic?

Let one of our technicians assist you

If you want to use your PowerMic in a supported version of Dragon, but you’re having some trouble getting it connected or configured, we can help with that. We’ll make sure the mic is being properly recognized, assign it to your profile, and work with you to get the buttons programmed the way you want them. Click the button below to get started.