Question: How does Dragon Medical v10.1 support HIPPA regulations?
One of the new features in Dragon Medical v10.1 is the support of HIPPA regulations. Dragon does this by securing the privacy of patient data.
When a user dictates using Dragon Medical, Dragon Medical automatically saves all audio and transcribes text in Dragon Recorded Audio (.DRA) files. If the user corrects any of the dictated text, Dragon automatically stores these corrections in .enwv files. Both these files are saved in the background. These automatically created .DRA & .ENWV files are used by Dragon to optimize the user profile.
Dragon Medical encrypts these automatically created .dra and .enwv files before storing them in the local or roaming user directories to ensure they do not become a back door into patient data and violate the patient’s privacy. These files are also encrypted when a user dictates into a supported applications like MS Word or an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) application…
The rest of this article can be found in the Dragon Medical help menu under ‘Securing the privacy of patient data’