Description: Strange as it is Dragon Medical can get stuck in Hidden Mode.  Why this happens it still a mystery to us and Nuance support. I have only seen this once. These were the circumstances:

The user never put Dragon in Hidden Mode.

He had left Dragon running with the microphone asleep.

Came back to the office and Dragon is stuck in Hidden Mode.  Here are the details that make it so strange.

  • Select and say indicator was green.  In a normal hidden mode situation the Select and say indicator is yellow (or if you are color blind like me it might be orange).  No other programs were open, so the Select and say indicator should have been grey.
  • When going to the file menu and selecting ‘Words’ and viewing the modes, the little black ball was by the left hand side of ‘Hidden’ as opposed to ‘Normal’
  • If you try to take it out of ‘Hidden mode’ it the little black ball could be moved back to ‘Normal’ but then when you checked modes, it actually stayed in Hidden Mode.

The Fix:

1.)   This can be fixed by running a repair.  See our fix on running a repair the fast way.

2.)   Go find the options.ini file.  In a typical install it is located at C:UsersAll UsersNuanceNaturallySpeakingRoaming’computer login”user profile name’.

Note:  The path can vary depending on the OS and Medical Edition.  If for some reason you cannot find the options.ini, search for ‘options.ini and edit the one under NatruallySpeaking Roaming’computer login”user profile name’.

Open the ‘options.ini’ file and ‘Delete the line ‘Recognize Only Dictation=1’