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Fixing Dragon User Profile Errors

You attempt to open your Dragon Naturally Speaking user profile and receive the following error message:

“The user files you have selected cannot be accessed. This could be because you do not have sufficient privileges to use them or because they are currently being accessed by another program.”

Before proceeding to the troubleshooting steps below, we highly recommend trying this.


Why Am I Getting This Error?

This Dragon Medical error message can be caused by another application accessing the same files that contain your Dragon user profile, whether local or roaming.

Here are some examples:

  • Dragon can create a “username.lck” file when an author does not close the user profile overnight. It normally locks the profile during saving and synchronization tasks.
  • The Dragon Acoustic or Language Model Optimizer is running.
  • Windows Explorer has one of the profile files open.
  • Malware, security, or antivirus software is blocking profile access.
  • Data backup software is backing up the Dragon profile directory.
  • Other processes or applications might be accessing or locking your Dragon user profile.


How Do I Fix It?

We recommend trying the steps below in the order we’ve given them. After each troubleshooting step, test your Dragon profile before proceeding.

  1. Close any application on any computer that might be accessing this profile folder, including the Windows Explorer file window.
  2. Look for “username.lck” files (or any other .lck files) within the user profile and delete them. This file is usually found under the “Current” folder, within the user profile directory. For Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2, this directory is located here:


  1. Look for any Dragon configuration files or folders within the profile that have the extension “ini_DgnRenamed.” If any are found, rename them and remove the “ini_DgnRenamed” portion. Alternatively, if two copies of the file exist, one with and one without the extension in question, delete the “ini_Dgn Renamed” file.
  2. The following Dragon log entry may accompany this error message as well:

WARNING (VCMigrate): Unable to find topic mapping for ‘US English | Large | General Medical’ (v10.0)
LOG (Perf): checkWriteAccessToUser = 1 msec
WARNING (SpeakDlg): Directory access check to ‘C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersApplication DataNuanceNaturallySpeaking10Users[User]’ failed

Dragon can temporarily add the “.ini_DgnRenamed” suffix to user files in order to determine if the profile is accessible and is not locked by some other process. If the application that is locking up your user profile cannot be determined, there are free utilities that can help.

Need Help With This Dragon Error Message?

Our Dragon experts are here to assist you

If you’ve attempted the steps above and still can’t open your profile, or you’d like some help troubleshooting this error, we’re at your service. Click the button below to review our menu of technical support options.