Does the Plantronics Voyager HD Pro Bluetooth Headset work with Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2?

Yes, the Certified eSupport Evaluation Team put the Plantronics Voyager HD Pro Bluetooth Headset through the ringer with Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2.


The configuration process was simple, we paired the headset directly through the integrated Bluetooth on our lab computers.  We created a new profile within Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 and dictate sample text.  The results were accurate and the headset was more than comfortable for long time use.  Below, were our dictation results with the Plantronics Voyager HD Pro headset within Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2.

Dictated Text:

History: The patient has been a smoker of 2 packs per day for the last 24 years and is known to be hypertensive since the age of 20.  He has elevated cholesterol LDL and triglycerides in the company with reduced HDL levels.

Cardiac Evaluation: His heart rhythm is regular.  An S4 gallop is heard along the LSB together with a blowing grade 3 holosystolic murmur.  No S3 or is sounds found.  A grade 2 bruit is noted over his left iliac artery.  Both dorsalis pedis and posterior tibial pulses are absent.  An echocardiogram was performed revealing a thickened left ventricular wall with a hyperdynamic hypodynamic segment superiorly and inferiorly anteriorly.  The ejection fraction was 50%.  The mitral valve is seen to prolapse and is associated with moderate regurgitation.  No thrombi were seen in the atria although the left atrium is dilated.  Right ventricle dynamics appeared normal.

Diagnosis: In summary this 55-year-old man with multiple risk factors presents with a clinical history and physical findings of coronary heart disease.  He is modest mitral regurgitation consequence.

Plan: Recommended coronary arteriography to assess the status and potential for intervention by CABG.  Preoperative carotid Doppler ultrasonography should be done.

Total Words Dictated: 195 | Total Errors: 4 | Total Correct: 191

Accuracy Percentage = 97.9% using a brand new profile.

Testing Date: July 29, 2013

Computer Information: HP Envy Desktop PC| i7-3770 CPU @3.40GHz | 8GB of RAM

Operating System: Windows 8 64bit