In order to use Dragon® Medical Practice Edition with Aprima® PRM 2015, you must perform the following setup procedure on each computer on which Dragon Medical is installed.

1) Close all programs.

2) Open Control Panel

3) Open Folder Options

4) Click on the View tab

5) Select the “Show hidden files, folders and drives” option

How to show hidden files in Windows

6) Click the OK button

7) From the Windows Start menu, highlight Notepad.  Right-click, and then select Run as Administrator

8) In Notepad, select the File menu, and the Open option

Find the nsapps.ini file in File Explorer

Navigating the nsapps.ini file

Editing the nsapps.ini file

14) Close and Save

15) Restart the computer

16) Open Dragon Medical, and then Aprima PRM.  The setup is complete

Verification Source and Date

Aprima Knowledgebase Ref: 3055.01, 01/2016