This  is a tricky one.  Yes and No. Though I have seen Dragon work with VMWare the client application is not supported.   As far as VMWare is concerned, this is the official statement by Nuance on Storing Roaming Profiles in a Virtualized Environment.

Virtualization technologies can dramatically improve the efficiency and availability of resources and applications in most any industry or organization.  Inside the Healthcare industry, the Roaming User feature within Dragon Medical allows users to dictate using Dragon from different network locations and on different machines without having to create and train individual user files at each location.  This Dragon Medical feature adapts well to virtualization. 

Dragon Medical version 10.x supports roaming user profiles that are hosted on a Windows server platform, for the following VMware virtual environments:

  • VMWare (ESX) server
  • VMWare ESXi

While the storage of roaming user profiles for Dragon Medical is supported in a virtual environment (as stated above), the installation of the Dragon Medical client application itself is not supported in a virtual environment.

Source:  Nuance Dragon Medical iSupport – Solution 13856