Dragon Medical 10 is available in three distinct pricing and packaging versions designed to meet the needs of these distinct customer groups.

  • Small Physician Practices (1-5 physicians) should consider using Dragon Medical Small Practice 10. This speech recognition software version is the fastest, most complete way for practices with five or less physicians to create transcription-free medical records and correspondence. Dragon Medical Small Practice 10 is priced and packaged for physicians who principally wish to dictate notes or email in Microsoft® Word or other word processing systems; who may be looking to reduce or eliminate transcription as a first step; and who have no plans to deploy an EMR over the next year or two. Dragon Medical Small Practice 10 is not for use by either practices currently using an EMR, mid-sized prac­tices (six or more physicians), hospitals, or an integrated health system (a medical enterprise with one or more hospitals and/or practices).
  • Mid-Sized Practices (6-24 physicians) should use Dragon Medical 10. Dragon Medical 10 speech recognition software is the fastest, most complete way for physicians in mid-sized practices (6-24 physicians) to create transcription-free clinical documentation. Dragon Medical 10 supports physicians’ dictating directly into any Windows-based EMR. Use voice commands to quickly navigate within the EMR to review lab tests or dictate a prescription. Dragon Medical 10 is not for use by hospitals, large (25+ physician) practices, or an integrated health system.
  • Large Practices (25+ physician) Practices, Hospitals, and Health Systems should deploy Dragon Medical Enter­prise 10. Dragon Medical Enterprise 10 software is the most effective solution for healthcare organizations to de­ploy mission-critical, industrial-strength speech recogni­tion across the enterprise. Dragon Medical Enterprise 10 is designed for large practices or hospitals, which have deployed enterprise-wide EMR solutions and now can add speech recognition as an enabling technology for all physicians in the organization. This version supports Citrix®-based EMRs, and also includes DragonConnect, which gives physicians the option to send voice and text files to transcription for final editing. Additional system management tools reduce the total cost of ownership of speech recognition, including remote support (“push) installation to any networked PC, and the ability to manage word lists and commands from a central server.

Verification Source: Nuance Healthcare