Philips SpeechExec Pro Dictate 8.6 splash and the Philips Dictation app on three smartphones

Two (Possibly) Free Updates From Philips SPS

As you may have heard, Philips recently made some enhancements to both their iPhone app and their professional desktop platform, known as the Dictation Recorder and SpeechExec Pro respectively. These programs are two of the most powerful and effective tools that Philips Speech Processing Solutions has to offer for digital dictation and transcription—and now they’ve been upgraded.

As before, this latest version of the iPhone app is free to download; more on that in a moment. And with SpeechExec, if you already have valid SEP 7.x or 8.x licenses, they will work for this update. No additional purchase necessary.

So, let’s get to it!


New in SpeechExec Pro v8.6

  • Spoken instructions can be separated out from audio files sent to speech recognition. This allows a transcriptionist to listen to the author’s notes about a particular dictation, and then make any corrections necessary in the document produced.
  • When using front-end speech recognition in SpeechExec Pro v8.6, the recorder can now be set up to save from the start of the audio file.
  • If you accidentally send a dictation to the Philips SpeechScribe transcription service, you now have 2 minutes to recall it.
  • In version 8.6, you also gain control over the way SpeechLive folders refresh. If you are experiencing latency in SpeechExec Pro, and you use this service, you definitely want to check this feature out.
  • Transcriptionists now have the option to create notification filters, so that they only get notified of new dictations when certain conditions apply. Filters work with a host of common factors, including “author” and “worktype.”
  • Starting with SEP v8.6, new purchases include a combination speech recognition license. You no longer have to purchase this ability separately.
  • Anyone with a valid license for SEP v7.0 or higher is eligible for a complimentary v8.6 upgrade. Of course, there are no guarantees that Philips will make this offer for their next release. If you’re running 8.x, you can grab the update via the “Check for Updates” tool.
  • Finally, SpeechExec Pro versions 4, 5, and 6 are no longer supported. They have officially been declared “end-of-life” by Philips SPS. This means that if you have problems with these versions of the software, you’re probably out of luck. Be advised.


New in Dictation Recorder v3.6 (for the iPhone)

  • There’s a refreshing new look to the app, with a UI redesign that’s brighter and more visually appealing. In place of that dark panel, you’ll find the app now sports a blue gradient background.
  • SpeechLive status icons have been added, to indicate where your dictation stands in the workflow. Of course, you’ll need to use SpeechLive for this to be relevant.
  • Managing files is easier, with the ability to select multiple dictations for sending or deletion.
  • A “Quick Start” guide now helps new users get off on the right foot.
  • Philips has set a new limit on the amount of time that the application can be used for free: 30 days. This makes strategic sense, and a month is plenty of time to evaluate the app.
  • The “edit mode” feature now supports a default configuration. The Philips app will remember if you prefer to insert, append, or overwrite when editing a dictation.
  • Within the SpeechExec software, you finally have the ability to display the title of a dictation created on the iPhone app. This information will show up in the “Title” column—if you have SEP configured to display it. Take note that the “Title” is distinct from the “File Name.”
  • If you’ve ever had trouble getting the microphone to turn on in the iPhone app, you’ll certainly appreciate this next feature. Philips has added a “microphone privacy” hint, so that if your iPhone privacy settings don’t allow the app to access the microphone, it will prompt you.
  • Of course, there are general bug fixes included in this update.
  • Finally, Philips Dictation Recorder v3.6 is supported on the iPhone 4 platform and higher.


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