Philips LFH-9399 Digital Dictation & Transcription Starter Kit

Thinking about exploring the wonderful world of digital dictation and transcription?  Look no further as I am pleased to introduce to you the New & Improved Philips LFH-9399 Digital Dictation & Transcription Set, successor to the Philips LFH-9397 Starter Kit, this All-in-One solution contains everything you need to super charge your digital dictation and transcription needs.

The LFH-9399 is an affordable, entry level solution, packaged with the tools needed for an author and typist to create, share and review documents or audio files.

For my Authors:  This solution includes the Philips LFH-9375 Digital Pocket Memo, a convenient, hand-held, push-button device with a few professional editing features, making it the perfect solution for those needing to create simple business correspondences.

For my Typist:  This solution includes an ergonomic foot pedal along with a high-quality stereo headset for convenience playback control during transcription.

The Philips SpeechExec version 7 software is essentially, the icing on the cake. This workflow management software makes sending, receiving and monitoring status a piece of cake.

 LFH-9399 Key Features

  • User Friendly Operation – Push buttons for single handed operation.
  • Rechargeable Batteries – USB Fast charging through makes this an ideal economical choice.
  • Large LCD – a backlit screen for an at-a-glance overview of file information including author name, file length, and position in file.
  • Workflow Management Software– Includes the New & Improved SpeechExec Dictate and Transcribe v7, the easy to use software program allows you to manage dictation files directly through the PC.
  • Smart Buttons’ – two smart buttons let you scroll through Menu options and make selections.
  • Multiple Recording Format – Record in DSS (Digital Speech Standard), DS2 (High Quality) or MP3 (MPEG1 Layer 3) file format.
  • Hands-Free – Ergonomic foot control allows for easy, efficient use. Combination of one-button recording and foot pedal allows for hands-free operation and editing.

 LFH-9399 Additional Features

  • Smart Buttons: Two smart buttons let you scroll through menu options and quickly make selections.
  • New level of simplicity: Voice files are recorded onto an exchangeable SD card and emailed or downloaded via USB to a PC for transcription.
  • Recording functions are controlled with a professional push-button system, and “smart buttons” facilitate intuitive on-screen menu selections.
  • Insert, overwrite and delete functions allow full editing and continuity of dictation.
  • Digital Speech Standard (.DSS) The DSS file format is the international standard for professional speech processing. Offering outstanding audio quality for recorded voice, DSS files allow a high compression rate, reduce file size, network traffic and required storage capacity.
  • Large Display: A large graphical display lets you view all file information, such as the client name, keywords, length of dictation, position within the file, and other vital information at a glance. A backlit display lets you view all information, even in poor lighting conditions.
  • Exchangeable SD Card: offering flexibility and unlimited storage capacity.
  • Choose between four recording modes SP (DSS), QP (DS2), HQ (MP3) and XHQ (MP3)
  • End-of-letter index marks a dictation file as complete and automatically generates a new file (this button can also be disabled)
  • SpeechExec Dictate and Transcribe software ensures easy installation and efficient handling of voice files. Completed files can be quickly transferred to a PC via a USB cable for storage or professional transcription.
  • Five dictation folders allow easy organization and archiving of files. You can also transfer files directly to your PC via a USB cable for further editing and professional transcription.
  • Compatible with industry-standards such as SD card, mini-USB socket, AAA batteries, 3.5 mm headphone and microphone sockets.
  • Robust metal casing for extra durability
  • Easy Editing: Insert, Overwrite and delete functions allow full editing and continuity of dictations.
  • Transfer Files Easily: The solution ensure easy installation and efficient handing of voice files.  Completed files can be quickly transferred to a PC via a USB cable or via email.

 Package Contents

  • Philips LFH-9399 Digital Pocket Memo
  • (2) Philips LFH-9154 Nickel Metal Hydride Rechargeable Batteries
  • Leather Carrying Case
  • Philips SpeechExec Dictate v7 Software
  • Philips SpeechExec Transcribe v7 Software
  • Quick Start guides for Dictate and Transcribe
  • 2GB Philips SD Card
  • USB Cable
  • Philips LFH-2330 Foot Pedal
  • Philips LFH-334 Stereo Headset