Philips Firmware v2.15 Addresses Reported Freezing Issue

Philips Speech Processing Solutions released a new Firmware update for the SpeechMike III and SpeechMike Premium USB microphones.  Specifically, Firmware Version 2.15 is for the models listed below.


  • Philips LFH-3200 SpeechMike III
  • Philips LFH-3210 SpeechMike III
  • Philips LFH-3300 SpeechMike III
  • Philips LFH-3310 SpeechMike III
  • Philips LFH-3500 SpeechMike Premium
  • Philips LFH-3510 SpeechMike Premium
  • Philips LFH-3600 SpeechMike Premium
  • Philips LFH-3610 SpeechMike Premium

This upgrade primarily addressed a freezing issue reported in the field, where the device buttons, slide switch and mouse would sporadically become unresponsive.  Philips Speech Processing Solutions reported that the issue was caused by a communication problem on the I2C bus within the SpeechMike.

Our Lab confirmed the fix on a few devices that presented the issue.  Once we updated to Firmware v2.15, we were unable to reproduce the freezing issue.  We recommend that all SpeechMike III & SpeechMike Premium users update their devices immediately.  For your convenience, we have uploaded the Firmware update to our website in the Resource > Philips directory.  This is a Free update and does not require a username or password to download.

CLICK HERE to be redirected to Firmware v2.15