Olympus LS-7 Linear PCM Recorder

The Olympus LS-7 is the third member in the Olympus Linear PCM recorder line.  The LS-7 is the smallest of the LS series but don’t let the size fool you, its recording quality matches that of the larger models.  As a matter of fact, the compact size is making the LS-7 a favorite among those looking for a Linear PCM recorder.  The record quality of this device is better than that you would find on a CD and is considered studio-grade quality.

Other than its size, what sets this device apart from the other Linear PCM recorders is the 3 microphone system, which is made up two Stereo Condenser microphones along with a third Center Omni-Directional microphone, which was added to pick up the lower bass sounds.  With this type of superior recording quality, you’ll want to record everything you can, so it’s a good thing this device has 4GB of internal memory and if that’s not enough, it has a microSD card slot which can hold up to a 32GB microSD card.

Similar to the other PCM models, the LS-7 comes equipped with Ni-MH rechargeable batteries, which can be charged through your computers USB port or with the Olympus A-514 AC Adapter.

This device is perfect for musicians, music enthusiast or those wanting to capture live sounds in studio quality, on a device weighing just 3.17 ounces.  The included Olympus Sonority software will allow you to manage, store and share your live recordings.

Olympus LS-7 Key Features

  • 3 Microphones – 2 Stereo Directional microphones and a Center Omni Directional microphone will capture superior sound with crystal clear clarity.
  • 96 kHz – 24 bit Linear PCM Recording – Sound that’s better than what you hear on a compact disc (CD).  Every nuance of every note is captures and played back with a rick and resonant quality.
  • 4 GB Built-in Memory & microSD Card Slot – With 4GB of internal memory along with a microSD card slot allows you to expand your recording capacity up to 32GB.
  • Multiple Recording Formats – Select from one of three available standard recording formats: PCM (WAV), MP3 or WMA.  The availability of three compatible formats increases the versatility of decisive, on-the-spot audio recording.
  • Compact Size Weighing in at 3.17 ounces, this high-performance device can go just about anywhere
  • Built-in Stereo Speakers – Two built-in 16mm round dynamic stereo speakers and the advanced playback engine provide a fully vibrant sound.

Olympus LS-7 Additional Features

  • 23 Hours of battery life – For those all night recording sessions, the LS-7 can record for 23 straight hours before recharging, which offers the perfect balance of performance and durability.  Recharge the batteries through a USB port or through the Olympus A-514 AC Adapter.
  • microSD Card Compatibility – An extra 32 GB of memory is available with a microSD card.  Move files easily between internal and external memory.
  • Adjust Your Levels on the Fly – Recording preference can be fine-tuned with a Level function that’s clearly displayed, along with a PEAK indicator, on the recorders LCD.
  • Find Your Place with Index Marks – Create Index marks during recording or playback in PCM mode to instantly locate specific portions of the recording that you want to hear.
  • Do More with Voice Synchronization – A voice synchronization function enables automatic recording when sounds are detected at a pre-set level.  There’s an auto-stop feature as well.
  • Trim Your Files – With the File Edit function, you can partially cut or divide your files.
  • Voice Guidance – A built-in assistive technology feature that verbally assist users in operating the device without looking at the display.
  • File Management – Easily store, manage and share your files with the Olympus Sonority software.
  • Low Cut Filter – Eliminate air conditioner and other ambient noises while recording.

 Package Contents

  • Olympus LS-7 Linear PCM Recorder
  • (2) AAA Ni-MH Rechargeable Batteries
  • Carrying Case
  • Hand Strap
  • USB Cable Wind Screen
  • Olympus Sonority Software
  • LS-7 User Manual