DS-3500 & DS-7000 Digital Voice RecordersFirmware Version 1.10 introduced a new option for the Olympus DS-3500 and Olympus DS-7000 Digital Voice Recorders.  This new option is called Metadata Import Function (MIF).

What is MIF?

MIF  is  a  new  and  unique  function that allows authors to link selected metadata  with  the  dictation  file.  Metadata  is  the  data that provide information  about one or more aspects of the dictation files. For example, in the case of a medical dictation, the medical record number, patient name, date of birth and gender are considered metadata.

This feature should benefit the user reliability of the final document by providing demographic information together with dictations.  Also, saving time by eliminating the need to manually input demographic information in the dictation files or transcribed documents.

Please note that MIF only work when supported software from integrators is available.  Olympus has introduced MIF to couple of well-known integrators.

Detailed specifications for integrators can be obtained by contacting a CES Support Member.