Olympus Dictation Portal Offers New Features with Release 2


The Olympus team continues to make enhancements to their Olympus Dictation Portal (ODP) for distributors and dealers in an effort to improve the functionality and user experience.  The recent launch of ODP Release 2 introduces 11 new features and enhancements.

For those of you who are new to the game, the Olympus Dictation Portal is a restricted website that allows distributors, certified dealers, and end-users to manage their subscription of the recently released Olympus Dictation Recorder App for Smartphone.

Olympus updated the site, which is now referred to as ODP R2.  The interface looks almost identical to release 1 so it’s unlikely you’ll notice the enhancements at first glance as they are primary imbedded into the functionality of the site.

Below is a synopsis of the 11 new features and enhancements available within this update.  I recommend reading the released notes, available on the Olympus Pro Portal, for complete details.

1. Trial License Extension – Dealers can now issue up to 100 trial licenses per customer account.

2. License Agreement Enhancement – Customers only have to agree to the End-User License Agreement once.

3. Updated Sequence Issue – The new “change smartphone password” window shows a message to ask customers to check their email rather than forcing a password change immediately upon log-in.

4. New Guidelines for Passwords – A password guideline is now displayed in all windows where a new password is entered.

5. Disable Account – Any account can now be disabled at any time.

6. PO Number – PO Numbers can now be added to license requests.

7. Renewal Notifications – New renewal protocols have been implemented.

8. License Issue Notification – Distributors and Dealers can now be notified when licenses are issued.

9. Alert Indication – Users are now alerted when they attempt to leave the window without saving.

10. License Cancellation – Distributors and Dealers can now cancel licenses.

11.  New Languages Support – Several new language options are now available within ODP R2.

This is an impressive list of enhancements that should make managing the Olympus mobile solution a bit easier.  The Olympus Research and Development team continues to make improvements to this site.  I’m looking forward to seeing what’s next.

Contact your dealer if you’d like additional information about the Olympus Dictation Portal or the Dictation Recorder App.  If you do not have a dealer, we will be happy to partner you with one of our Elite Certified Olympus Dealers throughout North America.