Users still working with the Olympus DSS Player Pro R5 will be happy to know that Olympus released a patch on August 20th that resolved a few reported issues from users in the field.

For starters, R5.0.14 Patch 0002 addressed an issue that was causing error messages to appear during download using an Olympus digital voice recorder. In most cases, this error caused the download to fail.

Secondly, R5.0.14 Patch 0002 addressed the Unexpected Error that transcription users reported while connecting their RS-25 & RS-26 Foot Pedals.  This issue prevented users from being able to use the foot pedal, and in many cases, the software wouldn’t even recognize that a foot pedal was connected.

Last but not least, this patch addressed an Execution Error some users reported when Splitting or Editing files.  Specifically, users attempting to convert a file to WMA, 8kbps, 800kHz, mono CBR format were receiving an execution error during the conversion process.

We were able to reproduce the issues noted above within our lab and are happy to report that DSS Player Pro Release 5.0.14 Patch 0002 successfully resolved all three issues listed above.  We recommend that user software immediately.  Although, R5 is still supported, we encourage all professional users to upgrade to the latest Olympus Dictation Management System (ODMS) Release 6 as it is packed with new features and functionality.

Verification Date: September 3, 2013

Verification Source: In-house Testing in addition to the DSS Player Pro R5.0.14 Patch 002 Release Notes