Olympus A-515 AC Adapter

Tired of buying batteries for your Olympus digital voice recorders?  The Olympus A-515 5v power supply will keep your digital voice recorders doing what they do best, recording.  Successor to the Olympus A-513, this external ac adapter will give you piece-of-mind, during those long recording sessions.

Whether you’re in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia or traveling through the European Union; the 4 interchangeable adapters will keep you from searching through old junk drawers for spare batteries.  If you happen to have an Olympus BR-403 Ni-MH rechargeable battery pack, this adapter can recharge the batteries with the Olympus DS-5000 and DS-5000iD digital voice recorders.

Compatible Olympus Digital Voice Recorders

  • DM-2
  • DM-4
  • LS-10
  • LS-11
  • DS-5000
  • DS-5000iD

 Technical Specifications

  • AC Input Voltage Range: 100v AC to 240v
  • AC Frequency: 50Hz – 60Hz
  • Output Voltage: 5v DC
  • Fixed Output Voltage: 5v DC
  • Max Output Current: 2A

Package Contents

  • Olympus A-515 AC Adapter
  • 4 Interchangeable adapters for US |UK|AU|EU

Abbreviations Defined

  • A: Ampere – a measure of the amount of electric charge passing a point in an electric circuit per unit time with 6.241 × 1018 electrons, or one coulomb per second constituting one ampere.
  • AC: Alternating Current – The movement of electric charge periodically reverses direction
  • DC: Direct Current – The unidirectional flow of electric charge.
  • Hz: Hertz – The number of cycles per second of a periodic phenomenon
  • V: Voltage – an informal term for electric potential difference
  • Ni-MH: Nickel-Metal Hydride – A type of rechargeable battery