New Philips SpeechMike Premium Firmware Update

Time to Update Your Philips SpeechMike Firmware

UPDATE 09/2017

The latest version of firmware for these microphones is now v2.56, which you can download here.

We’ve got some great news for our Philips® SpeechMike III and SpeechMike Premium users.  Philips has released new firmware – and it looks like they’ve addressed some pretty significant issues in this update. Scroll to the bottom for the download link.

Firmware Version 2.18 is the most up-to-date release, and includes fixes for:

·        Unresponsive trackball or buttons

·        Connection problems

·        “Delays when starting speech recognition with Dragon Dictate” introduced by v2.15

·        Linux operation

It also includes a new feature. They’ve added a limiter that kicks in “to reduce signal overdrive” when dictating – unless, of course, you like that sort of thing.

Philips lists a v2.15 firmware release as well, where they previously addressed the unresponsiveness issue. Caveat emptor: In 2.18, they rolled back some problematic audio changes made in 2.15. If you use Dragon® Dictate, be sure to upgrade all of your Philips SpeechMike III and Premium microphones to version 2.18.

Here are the model numbers this v2.18 firmware update covers:


Philips SpeechMike III and SpeechMike Premium v2.18 firmware upgrade.